2017 Alumni Week

Red Team alumni Pass In Review on exit

Alumni: Sharon Easley Walker (left), Judy Hudgins Kinyon (center), and Debbie Easley Emert (right).  We were so thrilled that Sharon made the trip from California!

Red Team alumni (right to left): Mike Metzler, Karen Kronauge, Aline Laird

Alumnus Bob Parson and beloved longtime Westernaire volunteer Peg Easley.  For many years, Mrs. Easley was the Westernaires coordinator / scheduler.

Red Team alumni Quadrant 1 points await their entry into the Star

Red Team alumni perform a Starburst maneuver

Varsity Red Team senior Alexis Senecal and the Easley sisters tack-up Westernaire rental horse Dundee

Alumni Angela Robertson (left) and Krista Goosman (right) warm up before their ride

Lining up for a Precisionettes alumni drill

Crimson Rangers alumni looked as if they haven't missed a beat in the fast drills that they ran!

Crimson Rangers alumni and current riders hear some announcements and cool out their horses after an excellent ride