How can I donate?

The Westernaires Alumni Association is thankful for the support we receive from people who care about kids and the programs we provide.  Gifts of any size from our friends, family, and our alumni help both Westernaires and the Alumni Association fulfill our shared mission to create leaders of tomorrow.  Click here to make a donation by credit card.  If you prefer to send a check, you may also mail a check to us at:

  • Westernaires Alumni Association  
  • P.O. Box 260529  
  • Lakewood, CO 80226

Donations are 100% tax deductible.  Our TIN is 27-1072277.  We thank you for your generosity!


what else do you need besides cash donations?

We are always seeking donated items for our Silent Auction fundraiser event that we host each year during the Westernaires Annual Show "Horsecapades".  Anything is welcomed!  We love certificates for goods and services, art items, jewelry, vacation trips, baskets of items, home goods, and literally anything else you can imagine.  Thank you for considering making a donation of items to this fun and worthwhile fundraiser!


I have a bunch of old Westernaires pictures.  Do you want them?

Yes!  We would be very happy to scan those.  We use high-end flat-bed scanners with high DPI.  We take pride in carefully handling all historic images.  Let us do the dirty work for you, then return to you the hard copy pictures as well as the new digital files.  This is all part of our digital archival project whereby we hope to gather as many images as possible of the rich history of Westernaires.  

Sadly, we're missing images from a great number of years.  A water leak occurred years ago near some of the the Westernaires archives, and unfortunately those images were lost to all of us.  This was the impetus for digitizing these files for future safekeeping.


What charitable programs do you offer?

Charitable gifts can be designated.  Westernaires Alumni Association appreciates general support which may be used where it is needed most.  You may also restrict your gift to a specific area of interest such as sponsorship of a rider in need, the Sponsor a Horse program, or other areas.  Click here to read more about our charitable programs.


I'm an alumni who is looking for pictures from a specific era.  Do you have those?

We just might.  We're always scanning more and more archived albums, and we encourage alumni to send us their pictures too.  In fact, we're happy to do the scanning for you, if you have hard copy pictures.  We'll send the originals, as well as the new digital files, back to you.  This is all part of our archival project whereby we hope to gather as many digital images as possible of the rich history of Westernaires.

What's the deal with alumna/alumnus/alumni?

The word hails from Latin origins and means "pupils".  "Alumni" is the plural form of two words: "alumnus" is the singular form of the word used when the individual graduate is male, while "alumna" indicates the singular form of the word when the graduate is female.  In accordance with the rules of grammar governing the inflexion of nouns in the Romance languages, the plural masculine word "alumni" is correctly used for groups composed of both genders.   

Though the term "alum" is really not a word (you won't catch us using it), we recognize that some people have adopted it.