Westernaires Perform for Crown Prince Bernard of the Netherlands


The Varsity Big Red Team with Crown Prince Bernard of the Netherlands, September 14, 1985.

Whenever a member of royalty requests a special entertainment, that show forever after is called a "Command Performance."  During the Summer of 1985, the Netherlands' Crown Prince Bernard asked to see the famous riding skills of the Westernaires, and of course, the Westernaires were happy to oblige.

The show was held at the YMCA camp outside Estes Park, September 14, 1985.  Ninety riders presented a 48-minute show: Liberty, Dressage, Cavalry and Indian battle, the Riders of the Steppes, trick riders, and the Varsity Big Red Team were included.  

While volunteers were loading the costume trucks for the return trip, the Crown Prince congratulated the riders.  As an avid horseman in his younger years, he appreciated their skills, and thanked them for their professional performance.