Westernaires Written into the Congressional Record in 1968

While the Westernaires organization has been recognized and commended by numerous U.S. Presidents, this was the first instance of being honored in the United States Congressional Record. (Westernaires were again read into the Congressional Record in 1975 as well.)

About the Westernaires, U.S. Congressman Donald Brotzman stated:

"Mr. Speaker, in these times when we read almost daily of some criminal incident of dramatic protest involving young people, I am fearful that the public may be receiving a distorted picture of our citizens of tomorrow. Too often the fine accomplishments and outstanding community work of the majority of our young people are pushed off the front page by the more dramatic activities of the hyperactive minority.

"I want to call to the attention of my colleagues in this Chamber a group of fine young people in Colorado who for years have been devoting their spare time to positive activities and -- in the process -- have given enjoyment and pleasure to thousands of spectators.

"I am referring to the Westernaires. This group has been described as "the dashing, daring, colorful young riders from Colorado. They are accomplished horseback riders and have performed at top shows and rodeos around the country, including such well-known events as the Cheyenne Frontier Days, the Omaha AkSarBen, the American Royal Show in Kansas City, Colorado's own National Western Stock Show, and numerous State fairs.

"A prominent editor has said that as horsemen, the Westernaires are to the United States what the Canadian Mounties are to Canada, except that they present more dash, are nonprofessional, and can present a different feature for 10 different performances...."


In the following year -- 1969 -- the Colorado House of Representatives passed a resolution sponsored by state representatives Fentress, Singer, Grimshaw, Sack, and Byerly honoring the members of Westernaires and congratulating the Westernaires organization on their 20th anniversary year for their contribution to the youth of Colorado and the favorable image created over the nation by Westernaire teams for their professional performances and their conduct as young ladies and gentlemen.  Some 100 uniformed Westernaires were in the gallery at the Colorado state capitol to hear Representative George Fentress' remarks and the presentation of the resolution.