The Sponsor-A-Westernaire-Rider Program


This beautiful thank you card was recently sent to us by a Sponsor-A-Westernaire-Rider recipient

It happens on occasion: a young rider is unable to come up with the funds necessary to continue in Westernaires.  Westernaires has always worked keep their fees at the lowest possible levels for riders, however, in trying times they can add up.  


Enter the Sponsor-A-Westernaire-Rider program

The goal of the Sponsor-A-Rider program is to provide short-term financial relief (for Westernaire-related expenses) for families, and to ensure that riders are able to participate in their classes during tough financial times.

Because WAA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we do require information pertaining to how the funds will be used.  We also require that a request form be completed.  Nomination of a sponsorship can be initiated by someone who is aware of a family in need.  All information regarding the program is confidential.

If a kid enjoys being a Westernaire, it’s a real shame for them to have to quit because of a lack of funds.
— Every Westernaire volunteer, ever

To date, the Alumni Association has been able to help dozens of riders with their Westernaire expenses.  If you would like to help us to keep Westernaire riders in the saddle when their families experience a financial crisis, please consider donating to our Sponsor-A-Rider fund.

Donate to the Sponsor-a-Westernaire-Rider Program