Alumni Window Decal - 6" x 3"

Alumni Window Decal - 6" x 3"


Measuring approximately 6 inches wide by 3 inches tall, this custom die-cut decal displays the word "Alumni" over our famous Westernaire "W".  Made of 5-year vinyl, this decal stands up to the elements superbly.

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Vinyl Graphic Decal Application Instructions

Pre-Installation Tips:

 Do not apply these or any vinyl graphics in direct sunlight.  Optimal temperature for installation is between 55 degrees and 80 degrees Farenheit.

 Do not store unapplied graphics in direct sunlight, as damage may occur.

All dirt, grease, and wax must be removed from the installation surface before the decal is applied.  This includes wax from mechanical car washes, Rain-X, compounds, etc.

Vinyl decal may be applied to glass, painted surface, or other smooth surfaces.  However, in the case of newly-painted surfaces, wait at least 30 days after painting before applying the graphic.

A small plastic ruler (flexible) is an excellent application tool if you do not own a decal squeegee.

Application Instructions:

  1. Lay the decal flat on a smooth table for at least 2 hours prior to installation to allow any wrinkles on the transfer tape to disappear. 
  2. To ensure that the decal is properly stuck to the transfer tape covering before installing the decal, take the squeegee (or plastic ruler, if you do not have a squeegee) and press the edge firmly over the whole surface of the face of the decal while it is still laying flat on the table.  The decal may have a small vinyl border on both sides of the graphic (depending upon the style you purchased), which helps to keep the transfer tape on the graphic prior to installation.  This border can be removed prior to installation of the decal, or after the decal has been applied.
  3. Prepare the surface on which you wish to apply the decal.  The most important step during installation is making sure that the installation surface is clean and dry.  Next, clean the area with regular glass cleaner and wipe dry.  Make sure that the area is at least 55 degrees and no hotter than 80 degrees Farenheit.
  4. Without removing the backing, place the decal in the desired area.  Many people find that a large ruler and masking tape are excellent tools to assist with the placement.  Using the ruler, establish where you’d like to place the decal, and then mark the outlying area with a bit of masking tape (making sure that the masking tape will not be under the decal once applied).
  5. Slowly expose the release paper (the waxed backing paper).  Work from one side only and slowly remove the release paper a few inches at a time.  Some people find it useful to tape down one end of the transfer paper while they slowly remove the release paper from the back.  If the vinyl does not completely stick to the transfer tape, roll the release paper back down and press the decal onto the transfer tape (being careful not to rip the decal).
  6. Using a decal squeegee (or flexible plastic ruler), hold the decal away from the surface with one hand, and allow the adhesive side of the decal to touch only as the pressure is applied with the squeegee.  Work from one side to another.  Once the release paper is completely removed, work the squeegee from the center of the decal towards the edges across the whole surface.
  7. Leave the transfer tape on the face of the decal.  With increasingly harder strokes, work from the center of the decal outward, pressing out any remaining air bubbles. 
  8. Slowly remove the transfer tape covering at a 45 degree angle, working from one edge toward the center.  Move slowly and carefully in case any of the vinyl is not completely adhered to the surface.